Why Is Maintenance Imporant?

Why Maintenance Matters

Routine roof inspection and upkeep helps you save money, time and headaches in 4 ways:

1) More time in between replacements. The biggest reason to keep your roofing system is that it extends the roof’s life, which provides several benefits. Roofing innovations have improved considerably over the last few years, so it’s not unreasonable to anticipate a life time of at least Twenty Years from a properly set up and preserved roof. Without upkeep, the expected lifetime is more like 10-15 years– and if you’re preparing to inhabit your building longer than that, the cost of re-covering or replacing your roof 5-10 years early will build up rapidly.

2) Prevent structural damage. Roofing leaks lead to rusted steel or decaying wood that can compromise your center’s structural stability, requiring a pricey repair.

3) Maintain your structure’s interior. The contents of your building are probably worth more than the cost of a roofing system repair work. Exactly what occurs if water leaks on a computer or server rack in your center and it shorts out? Just how much information could you lose? Product damage and the expense of lost chances can both be avoided by keeping your roofing system leak-free with upkeep.

4) Reduced inconvenience and liability. When water comes in, the common option is to put out trash bin to catch the drips. But containers obstruct hallways, and in a retail setting, they present an additional barrier for consumers. Overflow or drips that have missed the trash can create a slippery surface area that increases the danger of accident, which might result in a costly suit if someone slips in the puddle and gets hurt.