Roof Coating


For commercial and business centers, roof coating are often a fundamental part of keeping the roof product. Here are six reasons why facility supervisors need to consider including roofing finish:

Extend the life of the roofing.
Show harmful ultraviolet radiation away from roof membrane.
Preserve water tight conditions.
Extend durability when repairs are needed.
Reflect heat and decrease cooling load using reflective finishes.
Improve look from street or above.
Boost fire resistance by utilizing UL coatings.
KEEP IN MIND: Ponding water reduces the life of a finish, so correct drainage is important.

Kinds of Coatings

Facility managers might be overwhelmed by the number of covering choices. But the easy way it to figure out exactly what the goal of the finish is, which will help narrow down the choices. Here are the options to choose from:

Bituminous Finishing– utilized with asphalt or tar built-up roof, and for metal roofing restoration.
Emulsion Covering– utilized on asphalt built-up roof or modified bitumen roofing and increase fire resistance.
Aluminum Coating– used to reflect ultraviolet rays and minimize roofing system temperature levels and cooling loads.
Emulsion-Aluminum Finish– supply fire resistance and sealing.
Asphalt Cutback Covering– used as a repair tool to penetrate or re-saturate weather or aging built-up roof.
Re-Saturate Finishing– again used to permeate, rejuvenate and weatherproof existing built-up roof.
Customized Asphalt Finish– most frequently utilized with metal and sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam to decrease effect damage.
Latex/Acrylic Covering– minimize effect damage and adhere to significantly strict solvent emission guidelines.
Hypalon Finishing– usually utilized to bring back single-ply roof surface areas and use excellent waterproofing, resistance to chemicals, UV, radiation and fire.
Neoprene Covering– decrease effect damage, but likewise include improved resistance to chemical fallout, ponding water, heat, ultraviolet radiation and roofing system traffic.

Picking the Right Covering

Facility supervisors should end up being acquainted with all the finishing options, their benefits and drawbacks, in order to fulfill the goal (whether that is toughness, durability, heat resistance, and so on). The simple way to do this is to consult your roof expert and have the specialist assistance you choose the perfect finish for your roof.