Repair Equipment

General Equipment
Ladder (30′ to 40′)– used for access to the roof. Pick the most stable, durable design you can discover. Do not stint security for you or your workers.
Hard hats– head defense generally required when working on brand-new construction. Many markets require that hard hats be used by team in all plant making areas. Make sure the hard hat is OSHA authorized.
Soft-soled, steel-toed shoes– need to be worn to offer maximum traction on the industrial roof, safeguard your feet, and avoid damage to the newly-installed roofing system.
Caulking guns– needed to give caulk from tubes. A top quality caulking gun such as one made by COX or Albion will speed your job and include more money to your pocket.
Paint brushes– used to use bulk caulk and finishing in detail areas.
Electric or cordless drill and various drill bits and motorists– utilized to drill holes in concrete, metal, etc., for protecting blockings. Might also be utilized to set up screws and fasteners as needed. Mixing attachment is needed to upset products prior to application. Valuable tip: Make sure the extra battery for your unit is likewise charged.
Pop-rivet gun– utilized in the attachment of sheet metal work.
Wheelbarrow– utilized in carting aggregate, debris, roofing products, and so on, throughout the roof.
Scissors– used to cut material. Long-bladed material shears work best.
General tool package– need to consist of hammers, mallets, hacksaw, screwdrivers, chisels, punches and a selection of wrenches. A coring tool for taking cores and roof samples, a black sharpie pen, energy knife, gas or other cleaner and baggies to keep the samples separated. You must likewise have a box of baggies for samples that may need to be taken.
Roofing hoist– very valuable in raising and lowering equipment and supplies from roofing system deck.
Bunghole mixer– blending blade accessory for electric drill.